A Review of Cubic BN and Related Materials

  • R. C. DeVries
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 266)


The composition tetrahedron B-N-Si-C is a convenient way to define the scope of this review (Fig. 1). Within this system are the hardest materials known, diamond and cubic BN (Borazon), and if hydrogen were added to each of these, the scheme would then include the amorphous hydrogenated diamondlike phases which are also a subject of this seminar. Less well characterized are the ternary compositions in the system B-C-N, and the interesting phase, C3N4, which is known in the graphitic form but is still a theoretical concept as far as a 3-D harder-than-diamond material is concerned. Sic and Si3N4 are well-known materials in the hard materials and ceramic industries. The primary emphasis here will be on the synthesis of cubic BN and other phases in the B-N-C composition triangle from both high temperature-high pressure (HPHT) and low pressure processes. Synthesis of films and crystals of SiC will be considered briefly.


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