Ion Scattering as a Tool for a Better Understanding of Chemical Reactions on Surfaces

  • W. Heiland
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 265)


For some surface reactions, i. e. O2 and CO2 on metals, it has been shown that negative molecular states play an important role as intermediate states in the chemisorption process. In case of CO2 the bent CO2 — species is the intermediate species which negotiates the catalytic oxidation of CO on metals like Ni. Ion scattering experiments on the other hand show a host of negative atomic and molecular species especially when scattering at low perpendicular velocities from surfaces. The finding of O2 - and CO2 - in such experiments is clear and supporting evidence for the existence of these molecules as intermediates in the corresponding chemisorption and surface reaction experiments. Since in the ion beam experiments the particle velocity is an accessible variable, and the trajectory lengths on the surface can be estimated from classical trajectory calculations, the ion beam experiments afford a possibility to estimate lifetimes of negative molecular states on surfaces.


Grazing Angle Trajectory Length Work Function Change Resonant Loss Molecular Survival 
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