Perspectives on Bioremediation in the Gas Industry

  • David G. Linz
  • Edward F. Neuhauser
  • Andrew C. Middleton
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 41)


One of the areas of interest to the gas industry today is the treatment of residues from past gas manufacturing operations. From 1816 into the 1960s gas was manufactured in the United States from coal and oil for baseload distribution to consumers, Initially the gas was used mostly for street lighting. Afterwards it became a fuel for heating, cooking, and industrial use. The manufactured gas industry began to rapidly decline in the 1950s as transcontinental pipelines brought natural gas to more and more of the country. The use of manufactured gas for baseload production decreased to virtually nothing in the 1960s. Some intermittent operation of manufactured gas plants continued after the 1960s to provide peak shaving capacity. During the Era of Manufactured Gas it has been estimated that there were over 1500 operating sites throughout the United States.


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