An Historical Perspective: Does Good Science or Good Press Generate Demand?

  • T. G. Zitrides
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 41)


As one in the bioremediation industry, I’d answer the title’s rhetorical question with the word “both.” Bioremediation, if we disregard inflated claims, is good science. And lately it has been receiving a good press, which hasn’t hurt our cause either. Neither the scientific community nor the press, however, has been the primary influence on demand for bioremediation. That role has been and continues to be played by the regulator. Our business is regulation driven; it is only to the extent that public or scientific opinion influences regulations that it can be said to have a major effect. When the EPA’s William Reilly touts the potential of bioremediation, and it is widely reported in the press, then we have scored a major point.


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