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Alcohol and Protein Turnover

  • Victor R. Preedy
  • Tahir Siddiq
  • Elisabeth Cook
  • Darcey Black
  • T. Norman Palmer
  • Timothy J. Peters
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Ethanol administration induces a variety of pathological responses which in many tissues are manifested as reductions in tissue protein content. These alterations must be due to changes in protein turnover. This review is, therefore, primarily concerned with investigating the mechanisms whereby tissue protein synthesis or degradation is altered as a consequence of ethanol toxicity. Attention will be focused on the various muscle types (i.e. skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle) and bone.


Muscle Protein Synthesis Specific Radioactivity Chronic Ethanol Label Amino Acid Skeletal Muscle Protein 
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specific radioactivity of free amino acid in intracellular space


specific radioactivity of free amino acid in extracellular space


specific radioactivity of protein-bound amino acid


fractional synthesis rate


fractional degradation rate


fractional growth rate


RNA activity, ie amount of protein synthesis per unit RNA


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