γδ T Cells in Murine Epithelia: Origin, Repertoire, and Function

  • James P. Allison
  • David M. Asarnow
  • Mark Bonyhadi
  • Amy Carbone
  • Wendy L. Havran
  • Diphankar Nandi
  • Janelle Noble
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The overwhelming majority of T cells in the thymus and peripheral lymphoid organs express an antigen receptor (TCR) comprised of αβ heterodimers in association with the CD3 complex. The repertoire of αβ T cells is shaped for the recognition of peptide antigens in the context of MHC Class I or Class II antigens by cells bearing CD8 or CD4, respectively. A minor population of T cells in the lymphoid organs express TCR composed of δ heterodimers, and these cells typically do not express CD4, although a small fraction expresses CD8.1 In certain epithelial tissues of the mouse, however, γδ T cells comprise the bulk, if not the entirety, of the T cells. There is a tight correlation between Vγ gene usage and epithelial localization as well as differences in the potential TCR repertoire in the different epithelia, two features which raise important questions as to the origin, homing, selection, and function of these cells.


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  • Amy Carbone
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