Electrons at the Surface of Quantum Systems

  • P. Leiderer
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 257)


The two lightest elements hydrogen and helium provide unique systems to study surfaces and interfaces of condensed matter in the presence of large quantum fluctuations. Surface phenomena to be mentioned here are, e.g., surface melting, roughening and layering.1 Since in the quantum systems the gas density above the surface is relatively high in the regions of interest, investigations using conventional surface techniques like LEED and EELS are of limited applicability, because they usually require high vacuum conditions. A technique wich has been applied successfully is neutron scattering, which — although not being particularly sensitive to surfaces — can be used if the quantum systems are adsorbed on substrates with a large intrinsic surface area, like exfoliated graphite.2 Information about quantum surfaces has been obtained also from measurements of specific heat, adsorption isotherms, third sound propagation19−22 and, as a somewhat peculiar method, from the investigation of surface state electrons (SSE). It is the latter which is the topic of this paper.


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