S(Q,ω) for Liquid 4He: What More do We Need to Know?

  • E. C. Svensson
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 257)


Since I completed my review article1 on the temperature dependence of the dynamic structure factor S(Q,ω) of liquid 4He for the proceedings of the Hiroshima Symposium, there have been two very important developments: Stirling and Glyde2 have provided us with a much more complete set of results for the temperature dependence of S(Q,ω) at low Q (0.4 Å−1), and Glyde and Griffins have proposed a new and very appealing interpretation of S(Q,ω) covering the whole range of wave vectors Q and frequencies ω = 2πv for both the superfluid and normal phases of liquid 4He. In the Glyde-Griffin (GG) picture, the main peaks in S(Q,ω) at low Q (≲ 0.7 Å−1, phonon region), which have been known4 since 1965 to change relatively little on passing through the superfluid transition temperature, Tλ, correspond to collective zero-sound (ZS) modes as first suggested by Pines.s In contrast, the sharp peaks in S(Q,ω) at larger Q (≳0.8 Å−1), which have been known6,7 since 1978 to be present only below Tλ, correspond to single-particle (SP) excitations. A very schematic representation8 of the GG interpretation is shown in Fig. 1. The shaded regions are simply meant to indicate that the SP modes may disappear at low Q while the ZS modes are expected to disappear at high Q. Hybridization between the ZS and SP modes, which GG propose is responsible for the existence of a smooth continuous dispersion relation for the single excitations, might cause the shaded region to actually be pushed away from the solid curve.


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