Bulk Properties of 3He-4He Mixtures

  • R. M. Bowley
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 257)


In the space available it is impossible to review all aspects of research into bulk properties of helium mixtures, and so I shall omit all reference to the thermodynamics of mixtures, a subject which has been thoroughly explored and is reviewed in the articles by Ebner and Edwards1 and by Ghozlan and Varoquaux2. Another excellent review, but with a more theoretical slant, is that of Baym and Pethick3. Rather, I will concentrate on several new ideas have emerged since these reviews were published. For example: it has become clear that, with the advent of large magnetic fields and new cooling techniques, it is possible to polarise dilute mixtures by brute force methods. This has opened up a whole new field of research on degenerate spin polarised Fermi systems, a topic pioneered by Bashkin and Meyerovich4. Another new idea: three phonon decay processes are allowed in 4He at low pressures,and these processes affect phonon transport in dilute 3He-4He mixtures5,6. Another new field was opened up by the discovery of spin waves in mixtures7. These are the topics which I will concentrate on in this review. The transport properties of dilute mixtures near the lambda line, a fascinating subject, will be dealt with elsewhere in the proceedings by Horst Meyer8 and Richard Ferrell9.


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