RNA — Protein Interactions Required for Rev Mediated Regulation of HIV Gene Expression

  • Craig A. Rosen
  • Alan W. Cochrane
  • Patrick J. Dillon
  • Henrik S. Olsen
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Regulation of HIV gene expression is controlled by the interaction of cellular and viral transacting factors with cis-acting elements dispersed within the viral DNA and RNA. As a member of the lentivirus family of retroviruses, HIV encodes several non-structural regulatory proteins in addition to the gag, pol, and env genes common to all retroviruses. Two of these proteins, referred to as Tat1,2 and Rev3,4, are essential positive regulators of gene expression. The Rev protein is a 19 kD nuclear5,6 phosphoprotein7,8 required for expression of structural gene products3,4. Regulation is achieved via a mechanism involving a productive export of nuclear entrapped structural mRNAs to the cytoplasm6,9–11. Although the precise mechanism for this process remains unknown, interaction of the Rev protein with a structured RNA target sequence (RRE)12 present in the env gene is required.


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  • Alan W. Cochrane
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  • Patrick J. Dillon
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  • Henrik S. Olsen
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