The Spelling and Seduction of Michael Dukakis

  • Spyros D. Orfanos


“We have not compromised our honor,” said Euterpe Dukakis, the mother of Michael Dukakis, to the television reporter as she stepped down from the podium following the concession speech given by her son on election night, 1988. In an age when political analysts both admire and lament the importance of “political handlers,” this comment by Euterpe Dukakis, literally the first handler of Michael Dukakis, may offer a clue to the personality of the Democratic party’s presidential nominee of 1988 and his campaign behavior. This chapter will attempt to provide an understanding of the intersecting personal and political dreams and realities of the last presidential election. The emphasis will be on the self-proclaimed, “proud son of immigrants” and “product of the American dream,” and his inability to confront George Bush, the Republican party’s presidential nominee. By doing so, it is my hope that another view of mutually regulating aspects of the personal and the political will be established.


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  • Spyros D. Orfanos
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  1. 1.New York University School of MedicineNew YorkUSA
  2. 2.Greek American Research Project, Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of Queens CollegeCity University of New YorkQueensUSA

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