Candida Albicans in Cell Culture Systems: A Model for Pathogenicity Studies

  • H. Hänel
Part of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies Symposium Series book series (FEMS, volume 50)


A number of factors influence the penetration process of C. albicans into mammalian cells. One of them is the production of a phospholipase by the yeast. Histochemical investigations confirm an increased production of this enzyme at the site of penetration. The combined action of proteases and phospholipases probably facilitate the penetration not only of germ tubes but also of blastospores of C. albicans. In an in vitro test system basing on the plate method of Price et all. various compounds were investigated for their phospholipase inhibiting activity. Using this system the β-adrenergic receptor blocker propnanolol proved to be active 2; therefore, the author had to develop a cell culture system to test the influence of propranolol on the adhesion and penetration of C. albicans to vaginal fibroblasts. The isomer R-propranolol was selected, for it lacks the β-blocking activity but exhibits the full phospholipase inhibition.


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