The Activation of Alcohols by Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase: Dependence of Inhibition Upon the pKa Lowering Effect

  • Y. Pocker
  • Joe D. Page
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 284)


Liver alcohol dehydrogenase (LADH) is a zinc metalloenzyme that catalyzes the reversible oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes or ketones (Pocker, 1989). The catalytic zinc ion is bound 25 Å from the protein surface at the bottom of a tunnel lined with hydrophobic amino acid residues that stabilize the binding of substrates. For most primary alcohols, including ethanol, the oxidation process follows a compulsory ordered mechanism in which NAD+ binding precedes alcohol binding (Dalziel, 1975). Oxidation occurs within the ternary complex followed by the stepwise release of aldehyde and NADH, respectively.


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