Fibre Optic Chemical and Biochemical Sensors for Environmental Monitoring

  • A. L. Harmer
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 54)


This lecture covers the principles of optical fibre sensors for chemical and biochemical measurements applied to environmental sciences. Optical techniques and optical spectrometry are widely used in environmental monitoring with classical optical systems, and their adaption to optical fibre technology further enhances their capabilities. Fibre optics allows the use of remote probes (up to 5 km), for site monitoring over a large area or for deep measurements in lake and sea water. Fibre probes are small and occupy a low volume. Thus, they can be used in inaccessible places (e.g. ground water monitoring, down-hole sensors). They are inert and non-electrical and are suitable for hazardous areas, such as petrochemical plants, to avoid fire and sparks risk. They are also highly sensitive, compact with economy of reagents for low cost. They can be used as disposable sensors or permanently-deployed sensors.


Evanescent Wave Optical Fibre Technology Disposable Sensor Ground Water Monitoring Remote Probe 


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