The Primate Central Complex as One of the Basal Ganglia

  • G. Percheron
  • C. François
  • A. Parent
  • A. F. Sadikot
  • G. Fénelon
  • J. Yelnik
Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 39)


It was in human brain, that Jules Bernard Luys (1865) first discovered what he called his “centre médian”. Figure lA shows that his “centre” was located lateral to Meynert’s bundle and ventral to the medial nucleus. For a long time it was considered as the ventral element of a so-called medial part of the thalamus of which the nucleus medialis (hence called medialis dorsalis) was the dorsal element. The description of the nucleus medial to the bundle, the nucleus parafascicularis, was not done until forty years later, in monkey brains, by Mrs Vogt (1909) and Friede-man (1911). This was later included into the “hyperchromic circular formation” (Foix and Nicolesco, 1925) encircling the medial nucleus and also comprising the intralaminar and periventricular elements. The centre médian and the nucleus parafascicularis together are nowadays considered to constitute a “complex” often called the centre médian-parafascicular complex.


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