Subthalamic Nucleus Afferents: Anatomical and Immunocytochemical Features

  • M. B. Carpenter
  • A. Jayaraman
Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 39)


The subthalamic nucleus (STN) may be the only CNS site at which a discrete destructive or biochemical lesion consistently results in a characteristic contralateral dyskinesia in man and monkey (Whittier,1947; Carpenter et al.,1950; Hammond et al.,1979). The STN, a hypothalamic derivative, consists of a single population of cells, virtually all of which are projections neurons (Richter, 1965; Van der Kooy and Hattori,1980). The neurotransmitter of STN neurons is unknown, but GABA immunoreactive terminals surround STN neurons in the monkey (Smith et al., 1987).


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