A Management Model for Effective Information-Use in Research Work

  • Aatto J. Repo


An idea of a dual approach to the value of information is briefly presented. The approach uses simultaneously exchange values of information products and services in the markets and value-in-use of information and knowledge for research or any other information work. At the present low economic awareness of scientists one cannot use pure economic measures in monitoring the value of information for research work. In a series of case studies we have studied value-in-use of information thoroughly at the Technical Research Centre of Finl and (VTT). Information seeking and use, and the quality of twelve research projects have been analyzed. A questionnaire on the general information seeking and use patterns of the scientists at VTT has been completed. In addition, data on time-allocation for the information activities in the research projects was collected. A model of the actions to be taken for effective information seeking and use has been developed from the data. The model has been analyzed and developed further in the interviews of the research managers at VTT. As a result we have a model of six actions to be taken by the research managers: (1) ensure that results of the research are ’published’; (2) ensure that there is a rich information environment; (3) encourage joint efforts in information seeking and use; (4) ensure that the information found is actually put to use; (5) improve the seeking of methodological information; and (6) ensure that the time used for information seeking and use is appropriate to the research task. These actions optimize the value-in-use of information in a research process.


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