Development of a Superconducting Sextupole/Dipole Corrector Magnet for LHC at Tesla Engineering, England

  • S. A. Bates
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 53)


Founded in 1973, Tesla Engineering has evolved into one of the most prominent designers and manufacturers of electomagnetic systems for high energy physics, medical imaging, space and defence.


Voltage Current Density Twist Pitch Iron Yoke Filament Twist Corrector Magnet 
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    R. Perin, A. Isjpeert (CERN) E. Baynham, P. Clee, R.Coombes (RAL), J. Wheatley, D. Willis (TESLA) - Report on the Development of a Superconducting Sextupole-Dipole Corrector Magnet.Google Scholar

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