The Eloisatron

  • K. Johnsen
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The study of an exceptionally large proton-proton collider, the Eloisatron, has been initiated by Professor Zichichi. The goal is to reach 200 TeV centre-of-mass energy in a tunnel of 300 km circumference. The bending field of the collider will have to be about 10 T. The total bending length will in that case be 209.6 km/ring. The rest of the circumference will be used for focusing elements, correcting magnets, acceleration cavities, beam instrumentation, injection and extraction systems, and most important of all, the insertions for the interaction regions. It is tentatively proposed to house these in two major groups, each group occupying about 15 km. The facility will thus have the shape of a race track similar to the arrangement already proposed during the LSR study about 10 years ago and recently adopted in the SSC design. Each group could have three interaction points, as indicated in Fig.1.


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