HTLV-I Infections

  • Yorio Hinuma


Retroviruses are involved in many naturally occurring neoplasms in various animal species. Their involvement in human neoplasias has been the subject of extensive research, but not until the early 1980s was definitive evidence obtained for casual association of human retroviruses with a certain human disease. A type C retrovirus, named human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV-I), was isolated in 1980 from cases of sporadic, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma-leukemia in the USA (Poiesz et al. 1980, 1981). Independently, a retro-virus designated as adult T-cell leukemia virus (ATLV) was obtained in 1981 from cases of endemic adult T-cell leukemia (ATL) in Japan (Hinuma et al. 1981; Yoshida et al. 1982). Later, HTLV-I and ATLV were identified to be the same virus (Watanabe et al. 1984). There is now evidence that this retrovirus is etiologically related only to ATL and not to other malignancies, including T-cell lymphoid malignancies other than ATL.


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