Light Adaptation in Retinal Rods of the Newt

  • S. Forti
  • A. Menini
  • G. Rispoli
  • L. Spadavecchia
  • V. Torre
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 194)


It is known that guanosine 3’5’-cyclic monophosphate (cyclic GMP) is the internal transmitter of phototransduction (Caretta and Cavaggioni, 1983; Fesenko et al., 1985; Yau and Nakatani, 1985b; Haynes et al., 1986; Zimmermann and Baylor, 1986) and that Ca2+ is not a positive transmitter (Matthews et al., 1985; Lamb et al., 1986) as originally proposed (Hagins, 1972). Moreover, it is known that the light-sensitive channels present in the plasma membrane outer segments of rod are activated by cyclic GMP in a cooperative way (Fesenko et al., 1985; Haynes et al., 1986; Zimmermann and Baylor, 1986).


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