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Thank you very much, Dr. Kim and Professor Yagi and Dr. Ozawa and to other colleagues. There are, of course, many reasons why I am happy to say a few words at the opening of this symposium. First, and foremost, it is my pleasure to be able to attend this meeting to honor Professor Yagi on the occasion of his 70th birthday. I shall have more to say about you and to you, Kunio, tomorrow evening, and it suffices now to congratulate you and welcome you to the select band of septuagenarians present at this meeting. Now another reason why it is a great pleasure for me to say a few words here is that this is a IUB symposium, it is #192 as a matter of fact and I have attended all of the IUB congresses since the first one in 1949. I, of course, cannot say the same thing about IUB symposia, even during the period in which I am president of IUB. This year alone IUB is sponsoring no less than 28 symposia through its two committees-Symposium Committee which is chaired by Arnost Kotyk who is here at this meeting and our so-called Interest Groups Committee. But, although we have allocated more than one-third of our total budget — our total budget is only about $300,000 to support our symposia, a quick calculation will show you that our support is spread out pretty thinly. Actually, Dr. Kim has been most skillful in utilizing our resources efficiently. Since quite apart from direct subvention from our Symposium committee — three of the speakers are members of the executive committee of IUB who are meeting here in Seoul, earlier in the week, and have had their travel expenses paid by IUB under a different budget heading, namely of the executive committee. Moreover, others have attended the FAOB Congress which ended yesterday, which also received some support from IUB under yet another budget heading, and I am sure that our Treasurer, who is Tony Linnane, will be very pleased at your efficient use whereby money is spent twice.


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