New Experimental Approaches Examining a Viral Etiology of Schizophrenia

  • Anita Feenstra
  • Darrell G. Kirch
  • Mark A. Coggiano
  • Richard Jed Wyatt


Viral infections have been suggested as a possible cause of several chronic disorders of the CNS, including multiple sclerosis (Cook and Dowling, 1980; Koprowski et al., 1985; Reddy et al., 1989; Greenberg et al., 1989), Parkinson’s disease (Ravenholt and Foege, 1982), Alzheimer’s disease (Terry and Davies, 1980), and schizophrenia (Torrey and Peterson, 1976; Tyrrell et al., 1979; Crow, 1983; Wyatt and DeLisi, 1984). Evidence to support a viral etiology of schizophrenia has been based mainly on epidemiological data. These include a season-of-birth effect, where there is an excess of late winter and early spring births (Torrey et al., 1977), and a high prevalence of the disease in some geographic areas (Torrey, 1987). Laboratory attempts to more directly substantiate a viral etiology in schizophrenia have focused on alterations in humoral and cell-mediated immunity (Vartanian et al., 1987; DeLisi et al.,1982; Coffey et al., 1983; Kirch et al., 1985; Roos et al., 1985; DeLisi, 1986; Ganguli et al., 1987), which could reflect a challenge by an infectious agent, and on efforts to identify antibodies to specific viruses in blood (DeLisi and Sarin, 1985; King et al., 1985; Robert-Guroff et al., 1985; Torrey and Kaufmann, 1986), CSF (Torrey et al., 1982; Kaufmann et al., 1983), or postmortem brain material (Stevens et al., 1983). These approaches have led to mixed results with no evidence for a specific virus.


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  • Mark A. Coggiano
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  • Richard Jed Wyatt
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