Physicochemical Properties and Physiological Effects of the (1→3)(1→4)-β-D-Glucan from Oats

  • Peter J. Wood
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Oats have a a strong traditional reputation as a nutritious cereal. Reports of the benefits of oatmeal in management of diabetes, and clinical evidence for the value of oatmeal in lowering serum cholesterol appeared as long ago as 1913 and 1963 respectively (Allen, 1913; deGroot 1963). Today’s feverish commercial activity in oat products is a consequence of the newly developed concern amongst consumers of the relationship between diet and health, and more particularly epidemiologically based evidence that the normal diet of the Western developed societies is deficient in dietary fiber (Burkitt and Trowel 1, 1975). Animal and clinical studies indicating the specific value of soluble dietary fiber in regulation of glucose metabolism and reduction of serum cholesterol levels have particularly stimulated public interest in oat bran (Anderson and Chen, 1979; Roehrig, 1988).


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