Eddy Current Image Processing for Crack Size Characterization

  • R. O. McCary
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Estimation of crack length and depth is of considerable interest to the eddy current testing community, due to their importance in determining the relative severity of the flaw. A paper presented at the INTERMAG-MMM conference in July, 1988 proposes an automated method for estimation using eddy current image data where the material being tested is magnetic [1]. These estimates are within two to one of the correct results over a wide range of EDM slot sizes and aspect ratios, provided the slot length is at least half the mean coil radius. A second motivation for the present work is to provide a benchmark against which other techniques, or variations such as lower sampling density or different flying heights (fixed lift-off), may be measured. Since there is no obvious reason why the same methodology should not work for non-magnetic material tests, seven different sets of data on the twelve EDM slots in a calibration block were run thru a similar algorithm. A brief description of the algorithm will be given, then the data sets will be described, and the results (including some processing variations) discussed.


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    R.O. McCary and J.R.M. Viertl, Automating an Eddy Current Test System for In-Service Inspection of Turbine/Generator Rotor Bores^,IEEE Trans. on Magnetics, Vol. MAG-24, No. 6, PP. 2594–2596 Nov. 1988.Google Scholar

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