In Situ (Autoclave) Cure Monitoring of Composites with IR Transmitting Optical Fibers

  • Mark A. Druy
  • Lucy Elandjian
  • William A. Stevenson
Part of the Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation book series


Recent research has shown that certain infrared (IR) transmitting optical fibers can be used to monitor the chemical changes that occur when a graphite fiber reinforced resin matrix is heated [1–4]. These changes are monitored as a result of the optical fiber behaving as an in situ multiple internal reflectance (MIR) cell. The optical fiber is positioned such that one end of the fiber accepts IR from a suitable source; the other end is positioned such that IR energy is focused into a suitable detector.


Chalcogenide Glass Cure Cycle Fluoride Glass Transmission Fiber Indium Antimonide 


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  • Mark A. Druy
    • 1
  • Lucy Elandjian
    • 1
  • William A. Stevenson
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  1. 1.Foster-Miller, Inc.WalthamUSA

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