Sensing of Metal-Transfer Mode for Process Control of GMAW

  • Nancy M. Carlson
  • John A. Johnson
  • Herschel B. Smartt
Part of the Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation book series


Research in welding at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) is currently concentrating on the development of sensing, modeling, and control schemes for GMAW [1,2]. In the GMAW process, a welding arc is struck between the workpiece and the tip of a consumable wire electrode. The electrode carries the welding current, sustaining the arc. The electrode melts, resulting in the detachment of metal droplets which supply filler metal to the joint [3]. The standard practice for achieving a desired rate and size of metal droplet is to set welding parameters based on past experience.


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  • John A. Johnson
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  • Herschel B. Smartt
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  1. 1.Idaho National Engineering LaboratoryEG&G Idaho, Inc.Idaho FallsUSA

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