The PTR 8900: An Industrial Apparatus for Testing Materials by Infrared Photothermography

  • Pierre Potet
  • Daniel Balageas
  • Alain Déom
  • Daniel Boscher
Part of the Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation book series


Infrared thermography, as a NDT tool, has been used intensively by nondestructive evaluation engineers for the testing of composite and plastic materials. Some application, vibrothermography [1,2], requires the use of a mechanical shaker to induce localized heating in the material, while some other, stimulated photothermography, requires the application of an external light source to create time-varying thermal patterns in the material under test [3,4].


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  • Pierre Potet
    • 1
  • Daniel Balageas
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  • Alain Déom
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  • Daniel Boscher
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  1. 1.1 R.A. EinsteinCEDIPMarne La ValleeFrance
  2. 2.ONERAChatillonFrance

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