On a High Resolution Ultrasonic Inspection System

  • C. H. Chen
Part of the Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation book series


With increased demand for higher resolution ultrasonic evaluation, computer-based systems or workstations now become essential. In this paper a typical high resolution ultrasonic inspection system is presented. HIRUSIS, an mnemonic for HIgh Resolution UltraSonic Inspection System, is developed primarily for the purpose of high performance hidden flaw characterization and feature-based classification. The basic system comprises a PC (Personal Computer), a Pulser/Receiver and a Digital Oscilloscope as shown in Fig. 1. The system is further supported by several customized software packages for remote control of the devices, signal acquisition and presentation, one-dimensional and multi-dimensional signal processing, pattern recognition and B-scan image reconstruction. More image processing softwares will be added in the near future.


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