Regulation of Neurite Outgrowth from Cerebellar Granule Cells in Culture: NMDA Receptors and Protein Kinase C

  • Martin A. Cambray-Deakin
  • Robert D. Burgoyne
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 268)


The timing of the initiation and the rate of axon and dendrite outgrowth are critically important for the formation of ordered connections within the developing nervous system. The extracellular signals and intracellular factors that regulate neurite outgrowth are largely unknown. Recent studies have begun to suggest a role for conventional neurotransmitters in the regulation of neurite growth through changes in the concentration of calcium in the neurite and growth cone (Kater et al, 1988; Robson and Burgoyne, 1989).


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  • Martin A. Cambray-Deakin
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  • Robert D. Burgoyne
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