Spin Density Waves in Organic Conductors

  • Kazumi Maki
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 218)


In the following we discuss two aspects of the spin density wave (SDW) state in organic conductors like TMTSF salts (Bechgaard salts) and DMET salts at low temperatures. As a model we take an anisotropic Hubbard model and we study the properties of the model within mean field theory. In the first part we describe the collective transport associated with the sliding motion of the SDW (the Fröhlich conduction), which shares a number of similarities with the related transport in the charge density wave. So far only a few experiments have been reported on the Fröhich conduction in the SDW. But these results are quite encouraging. In the second part we describe the field induced spin density wave (FISDW) in the related systems, which appears only in a strong magnetic field (H>4T) normal to the best conducting plane. The same model describes semi-quantitatively the observed phase diagram and other properties for H ≦ 8T, while the theory appears to fail mysteriously to describe a class of observed phenomena beyond H = 8T.


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