A Complex Regulation of the cGMP-Dependent Channels of Retinal Rod Membranes by the cGMP Phosphodiesterase

  • Michele Ildefonse
  • Nelly Bennett
  • Serge Crouzy
  • Yves Chapron
  • Armel Clerc
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Photoexcitation induces a hyperpolarization of the plasma membrane of the rod outer segment, and it is now clearly established that this hyperpolarization results from a decrease of cGMP* concentration which directly regulates the opening of sodium channels of this membrane (see Haynes and Yau, Chapter 3 in this volume, and Hanke and Simmoteit, Chapter 4 in this volume; for a review, see Pugh and Cobbs(1)). cGMP-dependent sodium channels are also present in the membranes of the disks.(2–7)


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