Second Messengers in Invertebrate Phototransduction

  • Juan Bacigalupo
  • Edwin Johnson
  • Phyllis Robinson
  • John E. Lisman
Part of the Series of the Centro de Estudios Científicos de Santiago book series (SCEC)


In visual transduction, the absorption of light by specialized photoreceptor cells evokes a change in voltage across the plasma membrane termed the receptor potential. The problem of how this excitation process occurs has fascinated physiologists and biochemists for over 100 years. We now know that the process involves three fundamentally different phases. In the first phase, the absorption of light by the visual pigment, rhodopsin, is transduced into a change in the conformation of the visual pigment. This phase involves no amplification because one photon alters the conformation of only one rhodopsin molecule. In the second phase, chemical amplification produces a large change in the concentration of a second messenger. In the final phase, this concentration change is detected by membrane channels which gate the flow of ions, thereby generating the receptor potential.


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