A Case Study of Contraceptive Introduction: Domiciliary Depot-Medroxy Progesterone Acetate Services in Rural Bangladesh

  • James F. Phillips
  • Mian Bazle Hossain
  • A. A. Zahidul Huque
  • Jalaluddin Akbar
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The question of how to deliver contraceptive services effectively under difficult social economic and ecological conditions represents a critical issue in Bangladesh. Social support for contraceptive practice is fragile, and development has languished, hampering efforts to organize rural health and family planning services. This paper examines the role of new contraceptive technology in this setting and presents a synopsis of the experience of providing the injectable contraceptive depot-medroxy progesterone acetate (DMPA) as a domiciliary service. The experiences of two rural studies are compared, each of which provides contrasting operational contexts for contraceptive introduction.


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  • James F. Phillips
  • Mian Bazle Hossain
  • A. A. Zahidul Huque
  • Jalaluddin Akbar

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