The Immune Response of Humans to Live and Inactivated Influenza Vaccines

  • Yuri Ghendon
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 257)


Influenza has long been recognized as a problem in both developed and developing nations. Influenza is not a trivial disease. For example, in the USA in 1957 the Asian strain of influenza virus caused an estimated 70 000 deaths; the Hong Kong strain of influenza virus that appeared in 1968 caused about 30 000 deaths(39) . Even in years not associated with antigenic shift many people die as a result of influenza infection, so 10 000 or more excess deaths have been documented in the USA during each of Indifferent epidemics from 1957 to 1985(39) . It was estimated also that in the USA, during an influenza outbreak, about 70 million people catch influenza at a cost of about $4.5 billion.


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