Quantitative Characterization of Semiconductor Defects by Electron Beam Induced Current

  • C. Donolato
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 202)


In the electron beam induced current (EBIC) mode, the finely focused electron beam of the scanning electron microscope is used to inject locally excess carriers in a semiconductor. If the semiconductor surface is provided with a rectifying contact, carrier collection will occur and give rise to a signal that can be used to produce an image of the specimen. EBIC imaging has been widely used to assess rapidly the electrical activity of semiconductor defects; however, additional information can be obtained by analyzing quantitatively the defect contrast. The principles and applications of EBIC microscopy have been reviewed by Hanoka and Bell (1981), Leamy (1982), and Holt and Lesniak (1985); review articles dealing more specifically with the related theory have been published (Jakubowicz, 1987; Donolato, 1988).


Minority Carrier Schottky Diode Surface Recombination Velocity Electron Beam Induce Current Minority Carrier Diffusion Length 
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  • C. Donolato
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