Differences in the Ovulatory Ability Between the Right and Left Ovary Are Related to Ovarian Innervation

  • Roberto Dominguez
  • Maria Esther Cruz
  • Rebeca Chavez


Peripheral innervation plays a role in the regulation of the function of the ovary. Both ovulation and endocrine functions can be modified by the alteration of ovarian innervation. Blockade or stimulation of ovarian nerves produce changes in ovarian function depending on the neural pathway and the experimental model used (1–3). Follicular development is modulated by catecholaminergic innervation, and the effects of its stimulation or blockade depends on the stage of follicular differentiation (4,5). Bilateral section of the vagus nerve induced an increase in the number of ova shed by the ovulating animal (2), while the same experiment performed in prepubertal animals induced a delay in puberty and in estrogen synthesis without changes in serum gonadotropin levels (6).


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  • Maria Esther Cruz
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  • Rebeca Chavez
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