IGF I Receptor Phosphorylation

  • Cary Moxham
  • Vincent Duronio
  • Steven Jacobs


Physiologically, cells are simultaneously exposed to a plethora of hormones. The way in which a cell responds to stimulation by a specific hormone depends not only upon the concentration of that hormone, but upon the presence of other hormones as well. Receptors for both insulin and IGF I are phosphorylated when cells are exposed to phorbol esters, presumably through activation of protein kinase-C (1–4). Since protein kinase C is physiologically activated by a number of hormones whose receptors are coexpressed with insulin and IGF I receptors, it seems possible that these hormones could regulate responsiveness of insulin and IGF I receptors by activating protein kinase C.


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  • Vincent Duronio
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  • Steven Jacobs
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