Immiscible Liquid Affinity Supports

  • John W. Eveleigh


A new class of liquid affinity supports, based on the use of liquid perfluorocarbons, is reported. Macromolecular ligands are controllably substituted with perfluoroalkyl groups prior to addition to the liquid fluorocarbon and emulsification. Such substituted ligands act as efficient surfactants while retaining their biological activity and specificity. The resulting stable emulsions offer many advantages over conventional solid affinity supports, particularly in the area of large scale bioprocessing. High density and deformability of the fluorocarbon droplets allow processing of debris containing samples. In addition, packed emulsions can be easily pumped, thus offering the potential of continuous countercurrent affinity separations. Recovery or concentration of the ligand or its complex is possible by evaporation of the fluorocarbon support.


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