Perovskite Related Substrates for Superconductor Films — Rare Earth Orthogallates

  • Roger F. Belt
  • Robert Uhrin


High quality single crystal thin films of the new oxidic high, TC superconductors are desirable for microwave, infrared, and Josephson junction devices. Initial attempts to grow films have utilized substrates of many available single orystals. All of the latter have been mixed oxides or other materials which do not possess the perovskite or a derivative type structure. SrTiO3 has been the single exception and favorable high current capacity films have been deposited by several groups.1–3 Unfortuntely, SrTiO3, is grown by the flame fusion method and has some unfavorable characteristics of price, quality, size, and certain physical properties, e.g. high dielectric constant, high loss, lattice constant mismaoch, or cleavage.


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    • 1
  • Robert Uhrin
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