• Franco A. Gianturco
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 196)


The present volume is a more formal and organized presentation of a series of lectures given by various scientists during a Nato Advanced Study Institute on the same subject which was held in Cortona, Italy, during the month of September 1987. The aim of the collection is not simply to present. the latest scientific results in a limited area of atomic and molecular physics but rather to provide a broad audience of researchers, those either approaching the field for the first time or those wanting to enlarge their expertise in it, with individual and self-consistent treatments for a wide variety of phenomena which entail collisional events between atoms, molecules and electrons, photons or ions. Therefore, while it appears as a result of the ASI, it also hopes to extend its relevance and validity even further as a useful guide for graduate schools and research groups.


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