Some Statistical Problems Encountered in the Analysis of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray and Ultra High Energy Gamma Ray Data

  • A. A. Watson
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 40)


The subjects of ultra high energy cosmic rays and ultra high energy gamma rays are scientifically connected because, it is widely believed, ultra high energy gamma rays are produced through strong interactions of cosmic ray nuclei. In the context of this workshop the two topics are also connected: because of the paucity of events so far detected at these extreme energies (100 – 10000 TeV for gamma rays and 1018 – 1020 eV for cosmic rays) the signals are weak and sometimes embedded in a complex background. In this paper I will outline briefly the detection methods and problems associated with the two types of astronomy and draw attention to recent work which has been done to address the statistical questions which arise. I will try to emphasise some of the problems which are peculiar to this field of study. Many will be well known but it is hoped that what follows will be a useful guide, particularly for newcomers.


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