A Stochastic Method for Nuclear Power Plant Diagnosis

  • R. B. Perez
  • R. T. Wood


The value of using neutron noise descriptors, especially the power spectral densities (PSDs) of ex-core detectors, to monitor core barrel motion and fuel element vibrations in pressurized water reactors (PWRs) is well established.1–6 Indeed, in the mid-frequency range (1–20 Hz), PWR neutron noise is dominated by vibration peaks in the neutron PSD that result from the motion of reactor internals. A qualitative examination of such descriptors from a 1150 MWE Westinghouse PWR plant, revealed significant changes in the plant’s noise signature (PSD) as its first fuel cycle proceeded. The purpose of this work is to use a mathematical model of the interaction between small mechanical motions and the core neutronics to provide a tool for quantitative investigation of the PSD structure in the vibrational frequency range.7


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  • R. T. Wood
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