Progress Report on Studies of FAM-CF for Gastric Cancer and Intraperitoneal Administration of FUra-CF Followed by Cisplatin (DDP)

  • S. G. Arbuck
  • H. O. DouglassJr.
  • H. R. Nava
  • Y. N. Silk
  • M. Baroni
  • Y. M. Rustum
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 131)


Randomized controlled trials have demonstrated that the response rate to 5-fluorouracil (FUra) in combination with leucovorin (CF) is approximately two-fold higher than the response rate to single agent FUra in patients with colorectal carcinoma (1–5). Since FUra alone has activity in other gastrointestinal cancers, our work has been directed toward evaluating the role of this combination for the treatment of other gastrointestinal cancers, using both the intravenous (IV) and intraperitoneal (IP) routes.


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  • H. O. DouglassJr.
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  • H. R. Nava
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  • Y. N. Silk
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  • M. Baroni
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  • Y. M. Rustum
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  1. 1.Roswell Park Memorial InstituteBuffaloUSA

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