Modulation of c-fos and c-myc Expression by Effectors of Ion Movements

  • Anthony F. Cutry
  • Alan J. Kinniburgh
  • Kirk J. Leister
  • C. E. Wenner
Part of the GWUMC Department of Biochemistry Annual Spring Symposia book series (GWUN)


The role of ion movements in signal transduction and macromolecular biosynthesis has been well substantiated. For example, Ca2+ mobilization is an essential component of growth factor signaling where there is an involvement of protein kinase C. K+ movements, mediated by the Na+ , K+ -ATPase membrane pump, are necessary not only for maintaining the membrane potential gradient but also for macromolecular synthesis, i.e., protein synthesis and subsequent DNA replication.


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  • Anthony F. Cutry
    • 1
  • Alan J. Kinniburgh
    • 2
  • Kirk J. Leister
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  • C. E. Wenner
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  1. 1.Department of BiochemistryRoswell Park Memorial InstituteBuffaloUSA
  2. 2.Department of Human GeneticsRoswell Park Memorial InstiuteBuffaloUSA

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