Topographic Organization of the Visual Pathways

  • Alan D. Springer
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The position of ganglion cells within a flat-mounted retina can be described with polar coordinates (r, θ). r represents distance from the optic disc (origin), and θ represents the angle formed by a line connecting a retinal ganglion cell and the origin with respect to a fixed reference line (i.e., polar axis). Thus, θ denotes the position of a retinal ganglion ceil along a circumferential line and r denotes the position of a retinal ganglion cell along a radial line. For vertebrates such as goldfish, r not only represents distance from the optic disc, but it also indicates the relative birthday of a retinal ganglion cell. The first retinal ganglion cells to have become postmitotic are closest to the optic disc and the most recently generated retinal ganglion cells are near the retinal margin. Such animals are never totally postembryonic, and their retinas continue to grow, much like a tree, by the addition of annuli of cells to the retinal margin (Johns, 1977; Meyer, 1978).


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