Extracellular-Superoxide Dismutase Association with Cell Surface-Bound Sulfated Glucosaminoglycans

  • Kurt Karlsson
  • Stefan L. Marklund
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Extracellular-superoxide dismutase (EC, abbreviation EC-SOD) is a tetrameric glycoprotein with an apparent subunit molecular weight of around 30 kDa.1 Like the CuZn SODs, EC-SOD contains one Cu and one Zn atom per subunit1 and is inhibited by cyanide, azide, and diethyldithiocar-bamate,2 and H2O2 is the product of the catalysed reaction.3 Still, despite the similarities, the amino acid compositions of human CuZn SOD and EC-SOD are clearly different,’ and no cross-reaction between polyclonal rabbit antibodies directed towards the enzymes have been observed.2 EC-SOD is the major SOD isoenzyme in extracellular fluids like plasma, lymph,4 and synovial fluid,5 but also occurs in tissues.6,7 The total plasma EC-SOD concentration varies greatly between species, whereas the tissue concentrations are more equal.7


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  • Stefan L. Marklund
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