Gaining Control Over Rare Earth Valence Fluctuations

  • Dieter Wohlleben
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 184)


The problem addressed in this workshop is in my view a very old one. It came up for the first time in the early thirties with the discovery of the resistivity minimum in dilute alloys of simple metals with magnetic transition metal impurities. If this view is correct, then the existence of this workshop in 1987 proves that the problem turned out to be a very difficult one because it is apparently not yet solved to anybody’s satisfaction in spite of the vast amount of experimental and theoretical work done so far.

On leave of absence from II. Physikalisches Institut der universitaet zu Koeln, 5000 Koeln


Valence Electron Heavy Fermion Anderson Model Charge Fluctuation Heavy Fermion System 
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