Final State Interaction in L3 Absorption Spectra of Ce and La Compounds

  • A. Kotani
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 184)


Core level spectroscopy is one of the most powerful tools in the study of 4f electron state of rare earth systems. Spectra of 3d core photoemission (3d-XPS) and 2p core photoabsorption (L3-XAS) have been used most extensively in experimental observations. In the final state of these spectra, a core hole is left behind, and the attractive core hole potential -Ufc to the 4f state gives a strong influence on the spectral shape, as first pointed out by Toyozawa and the present author.1 Therefore, in order to obtain the information on the 4f state it is necessary to analyze the experimental data quantitatively by taking account of the final state interaction. For 3d-XPS, such a quantitative analysis was first made by Gunnarsson and Schönhammer2 with the use of the impurity Anderson model, and their method has been applied successfully to the analysis of 3d-XPS in various materials, e.g., metallic and insulating systems including Ce and La. For L3-XAS, however, detailed mechanism of the final state interaction has haraly been studied theoretically until very recently. It is the purpose of this note to discuss the mechanism of L3-XAS in Ce and La compounds.


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