Whence We’ve Come, Where We’re Going, How We’re Going to Get There

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I will discuss three points on mapping and sequencing the human genome. My first concern is the increasing rate and pace of change in health care, which occurs throughout the whole of society, as it also occurs in data management and information, but is especially marked in the health care field. The second concern is the sense of urgency with which I feel we should approach this task. The implications for clinical medicine of knowing the sequence of the human genome are absolutely staggering. The ability to diagnose, treat, and possibly eliminate hereditary diseases is an opportunity that we should move on to with dispatch. There also are economic concerns, which I will discuss later. The third point is the organization necessary to achieve the task of mapping and sequencing. It will be a difficult task. So far, the field of science and technology has operated as a cottage industry and that may not serve the nation well in this situation. We may need to create a different organization to achieve the task.


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